Capitulum II - Familia Rōmāna
Grammar & Morphology:
  • genders (masculine, feminine, neuter)
  • another conjunction (-que) in addition to et and sed
  • interrogative pronouns (quis, quae, quid)
  • genitive case singular and plural of first & second declension nouns and adjectives
  • forms of unus and duo
Vocabulary: vir, femina, puer, puella, familia, pater, mater, filius, filia, liberi, servus, dominus, ancilla, domina, liber, titulus,pagina, antiquus, novus, ceteri, meus, tuus, centum, duae, tria, -que, quis? quae? qui? cuius? quot? masculinum, femininum, neutrum, genetivus

Summary of material to be learned in this chapter -

New words introduced in this chapter -

Exercises to practice the words and grammar introduced in this chapter -

Practice vocabulary at Quia (courtesy of magister McCann) -
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