Nāvis Rōmāna

Nova Vocābula -
Points to learn -

Nāvis et nautae flūctibus merguntur.
Nautae nōn sunt in nāvī sed in aquā. Iī perterritī valdē clāmantēs flūctūs manibus bracchiīsque suīs verberant.

Exercitia - You can download these and work on them.


Alternatively, or additionally, you can do them online, interactively, at the Quia webpage of Dr. Edward Gaffney (Aquinas College);

or at my Quia webpage (just created this weekend - 4/19/09):

Practice Test (4/30/13), with Key:


Partēs caelī sunt quattuor.

You can do an interactive vocabulary quiz at Mr. Patrickʻs Quia page here:

Here is the form for showing sentence analysis work. This example does an analysis of the dictum hodiernum for today. Once you download the form, just erase the title, put something else there, then erase the contents of the cells, and you can fill them up with your own material. Note that hitting Tab at the last cell on the right starts another row.

Another copy of the sentence comprehension checklist, in html and as a Word document