NLE stuff.

preparation materials at Quizlet:

New (2/5/12) from John Whelpton:

New (2/14/12) a quotation game (n.b. there are a few typos on this, but it seems useful anyway):

Quia rags to riches NLE style quiz

The Classical Literacy Examination - grab a 2010 copy and practice:

Here's a powerpoint to do a quick preview of the tenses we haven't covered yet:
This is from here:

Here's an image of a chart (from here) for the irregular verb esse (note that under Future, 3rd plural should be ‚Äčerunt)‚Äč:

Mottoes and quotations from KET:

Crashcourse on culture:

Here is a teacher's study guide for Latin I:

Same teacher's study guide for Latin 2:

A Latin I review worksheet:

Some Roman Biographies (very easy reading) in English: